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27-Feb-2013 3,042 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
Copy, move, backup your blog. Just one click to save the entire blog! Collect idle images.
Published by Hiroaki Matsumoto Webpage Clone Maker Home Page
This software downloads the webpage whose address you specify as well as the webpages linked from the webpage that you specify. This software also copies(clones) the entire site.
(This application is a freeware. I welcome your donation!)

- Suppose your blog disappears because of webserver malfunction...
- Suppose your blog disappears because its blog service ends...

Generally, in these situations, you do not have a copy of your blog, which is managed differently from the webpages of other types of websites.
Hence, I offer this software that allows you to download your entire blog.

If you backup your blog with "Webpage Clone Maker," you can avail of the following advantages:

- even if the blog service ends, you can upload a copy of your blog to a new webserver.
- even if the blog service temporarily stops, when you need an image file that you uploaded to your blog, you can retrieve it from your local copy.

"Webpage Clone Maker" can keep the layout and background image as it is.

Other features:
- You can browse copied webpages offline, with no Internet connection.
- Even if Internet Explorer says, "Error Saving Webpage," or "This webpage could not be saved," "Webpage Clone Maker" won't give up.
- You can make a mirror site.
- You can collect idle images, pictures, photos.

- Some websites deny fast webpage downloads, displaying messages such as "This access is temporarily denied," or "Permission denied." In such cases, please increase the wait time to approximately 5 seconds.
- "Webpage Clone Maker" downloads each page only once. If the site that you want to download does not contain infinite number of pages, "Webpage Clone Maker" will stop when it finishes downloading the entire blog. Be sure to specify a large value for "Please specify the number of links to be downloaded." If you specify "1", only the specified webpage is downloaded.

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