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Version 9.51   Online Registration Not Yet Available
07-Apr-2009 4,465 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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HTML editing software provides language browser to list all object classes, properties, methods and events. Web script editor is featured with bracket highlighting function to visually mark pair of brackets to explore codes written inside.
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Webpage scripting tool provides special code writing features to instantly create, edit and validate HTML and XHTML code. Code generator program is featured with inspector panel for modification of HTML tags quickly. Web script editor is capable of validating and fixing code using built-in validating tool. HTML code generators allows user to insert instant HTML code or enables auto complete option to remember and type tag and attribute names. HTML editing software provides code collapse option to hide irrelevant pieces of codes for easier perception and navigation. Script generating utility provides support to regular expressions to find or replace strings based on patterns.

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