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Version 1.1   Online Registration Not Yet Available
06-Feb-2008 1,090 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Expires after 30 Days
We have no room for 2; best compression ratio and efficiency by removing duplicate files within compression archive.
Published by ReasonableSoftware Reasonable Archiver Home Page
Archiver is a new file compression tool, which distinguish itself from traditional file compression with optimized compression ratio.
Using technology in Reasonable NoClone, Archiver optimizes compression by removing exact and partial duplicates in both file level and data level, providing yet the best compression ratio, and thus further reduce the size of your archives.

Unlike traditional compression software like Zip and Rar, Reasonable Archiver compress at file level to remove duplicates.
Archiver 1.1 is compatible with Zip archives (.zip). You can open and decompress Zip archives in Archiver, and do easy conversion to Reasonable Archiver Format (.rz) to enjoy the enhanced performance.

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