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My Password Generator

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Version 3.1   Online Registration Not Yet Available
18-May-2010 4,266 K Win 98/2000/ME/XP Shareware
Expires after 15 Days
My Password Generator is a random password generator and password keeper. Using My Password Generator you can generate random passwords of any length using upper-, lower-case letters, digits and safely keep them. AES 256 information encryption.
Published by Morun.net My Password Generator Home Page
My Password Generator is a random password generator and password keeper that uses Universal Random Number Generator for generating strong really random passwords. My Password Generator allows you to generate random passwords according to your criteria - you can generate passwords using upper-case and lower-case letters, digits and special symbols, exclude any characters (letters, digits, special symbols), define minimum 'character inclusion' requirements for each characters set e.g. at least 2 upper-case letters, 2 lower-case, etc. The more characters your password contains, the more difficult it can be to figure out. My Password Generator generates random passwords of any length. My Password Generator allows you to generate single random numbers as well as sets of random numbers. You can generate random numbers in a range - set the lower and upper levels in a range, the number of random numbers you want to generate or generate random numbers with fixed length. My Password Generator provides an easy way to keep passwords and associated information (username, login, web site) in a safe and secure way. Using My Password Generator you will never lose your passwords. No matter how many different passwords and usernames/logins you have, they can be safely stored using Password Keeper option. My Password Generator protects your passwords and logins from others - all information can be encrypted using AES 256-bit key encryption.

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