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Program Sleuth

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Version 2.0.6   Click to Register this Product Now!
26-Dec-2007 522 K Win 2000/XP Shareware
Expires after 7 Days
Find hidden programs on your computer. Identify them and kill them with Program Sleuth.
Published by Screaming Bee LLC Program Sleuth Home Page
Is your computer running slower then it used to? This powerful program will show you what is really running on your computer. You will be able to stop any program that you cannot recognize. If a program is gobbling up your computers speed and you do not know what it is, Program Sleuth will look it up for you.

Program Sleuth has our exclusive Know-It technology so you need not have to worry about the technical details; it will show you in a clear way only the suspicious programs.

Program Sleuth gives you full control to eliminate problem programs running on your machine, without an annual subscription. You only need to buy it once!

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