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22-Dec-2009 6,692 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Extract 36 and save 8 formats, one-click unzip through speed extractor, make self extractors (SFX, EXE), recover lost passwords, command line, easy enough for kids, powerful enough for IT pros - Just a few reasons to download ALZip today.
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ALZip is an optimized utility program for both beginners and computer experts. With just one or two click, every zip/unzip happens in ALZip. Here are the key features of ALZip.

Extract 36 file formats and create 8 formats
ALZip boasts extracting 36 file formats including WinZip, WinRar, 7-Zip files. This means ALZip supports all kinds of existing formats in the world. (Yes, ALZip is the largest format supporting utility.) ALZIP also creates most well-known formats, zip, tar, lhz and more.

One-click UnZip - speed zip extractor
You can Unzip your file by one click through speed zip extractor. You don't need to run the program. Just directly click your Zip file one time, and you will see the results right next to your Zip file.

Drag. Drop. Done - Add files with 2 seconds
1. Drag a file onto an archive. 2. Drop the file on the archive. 3. You're Done.
Adding files to existing ZIP files is done with the flick of the wrist and takes less than 2 seconds.

Here are more Unique features of ALZip:

Recover lost passwords from ZIP files
Get lost passwords back with ALZip Lost Password Recovery.

Customizable YOUR Way
ALZip is fully customizable by YOU. You decide how you want archive files to look, how to view open files, access them, and much more. Configuring options in ALZip is as simple as clicking Yes or No.

And other great features of ALZip:
· Open CD image files (ISO, BIN)
· Open virtual CD files (LCD)
· Create SFX (exe) files
· Split large files for easy transfers
· Integrate anti-virus software
· Automate repetitive tasks with ALZip command line functions
· Manage Large ZIP Archives
· Automatic installation management
· Uncompromising performance

· CPU 150 MHz +
· RAM 32 MB +

Need help? Visit ALTools online forums: http://www.altools.com/Forums/Forums.aspx
Want information? Visit ALZip website: http://www.altools.com/ALTools/ALZip.aspx

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