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Keylogger Software

Version 4.3   Online Registration Not Yet Available
01-Apr-2011 4,103 K Win 98/XP Shareware
Expires after 30 Days
Keylogger Software is an advanced monitoring spy gazzet used to track and record all the activities executed on computer systems, PCs, laptops. Keylogger records with screenshots all visited websites, password logins, chat talks, visited videos etc.
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Keylogger Software is an advanced monitoring software used track record all events executed on computer systems, PCs, laptops in nonexistence of users. Keylogger tracks each and every moment carried out on desktops, Laptops etc such as all chat talks, visited videos, installed applications, downloaded files and many more. Keylogger Software is an advanced activity watcher utility allowing tracing sounds produced during PC microphone conversations. Keylogger performs complete controlling over PC actions and events by capturing screenshots on each mouse click and typed keystroke.

Keylogger Software is efficient software capable of generating HTML reports containing records of all events operated on PCs, computers in user absence. Keylogger Software is keyboard activity controlling tool able to observe all voice chats of both sides operated on multiple chat programs such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, QIP, MSN, Miranda etc. Keylogger begins sound recording when the sound level is above the definite threshold to save disk space and time during computer idle hours. Keylogger is also providing a facility to block taking snapshots when system is idle and resume process of visual surveillance on further recognition of any mouse click or key press action.

Features of Keylogger Software:

• Tracks all chat conversations, visited web sites, installed applications.
• Manage all downloaded files, username, passwords etc.
• Keep track of all sound recordings generated throughout PC microphone talks.
• Capture screenshots of each mouse click and keyboard actions.
• Create HTML file reports of all maintained records.
• Sort, edit, categorize and divide log files depending on date time parameters.
• Invisible software not visible in control panel not in start menu.
• Automatically uninstall on date of expiration without user intervention.
• Provides security though generated password protected log files.
• Able to run in Windows XP, ME, Vista, 7, 98, 2000 etc.

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