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17-Apr-2007 9,169 K Win 2000/XP Shareware
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Powerful, fast, easy-to-use Zip utility with AES encryption, Wizard and Classic interfaces, tight integration with Windows, email support, Explorer-style view and more. Available in Standard or Pro, offering image viewer and data backup automation.
Published by WinZip Computing WinZip Home Page
WinZip, the original and most popular compression utility for Windows, is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that quickly zips and unzips your files to conserve disk space and greatly reduce email transmission time. WinZip seamlessly integrates with Windows and provides AES encryption to keep your files secure. In addition to its award-winning Classic view, WinZip offers an intuitive Wizard for beginners to quickly and easily accomplish basic zipping and unzipping tasks. WinZip 11 can automatically select the best compression method based on file type to take maximum advantage of the powerful compression methods introduced in version 10 to create even smaller Zip files. The Explorer-style view makes it easy to navigate large, multi-folder archives and the new thumbnail option gives you a chance to quickly see images in the main WinZip window. WinZip 11 is available in Standard or Pro. WinZip 11 Pro offers the WinZip Job Wizard, which allows you to automate your repetitive zipping tasks, back up data easily, archive important documents, or distribute information to others. You can even move your valuable data off site by using the included FTP upload functionality, or you can burn your Zip file directly to CD or DVD. With the new image viewer you can see full size images without having to manually extract them first. Other WinZip benefits include: ** Accomplish most common Zip-related tasks directly from Windows Explorer without ever opening a separate WinZip window. ** Protect your files with the same AES encryption (128- and 256-bit) approved for use by the US government. ** Zip and E-Mail files directly from Explorer with a single mouse click ** Split large Zip files into smaller parts to overcome email or removable media size constraints. ** Get the latest updates automatically with WinZipís periodic update check. ** Automatically install software, desktop themes, and screen savers contained in Zip files. ** Certified for Windows Vista. ** And much more. . .

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