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ADUC CollectAdmin

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30-Oct-2013 2,132 K Win 2000/XP Shareware
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The easiest way to administerAccess to your File Systems...
Published by MichielNijk ADUC CollectAdmin Home Page
ADUC CollectAdmin is a powerful Active Directory based tool that helps you retrieve file system rights from file servers across your network from behind your own workstation.

You can filter on specific groups, or retrieve the effective rights of any user in your Active Directory and save the output to an XML file for later consultation.

It's a great utility when you're planning Complex File System migrations, or want to reorganize and clean up your Active Directory Security Group structure!

- Retrieve File System Rights from any server on network
- Retrieve individual rights or group rights
- Retrieve effective rights
- Export to XML file for backup
- Load from XML file for consultation
- Excellent rights Clean Up tool
- Works from your own workstation
- Save time when migrating whole file systems

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