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Version 2.03   No Registration Required
14-Jul-2008 10,938 K Win XP Freeware Never Expires
Favoritestown provides a unique, fun and effective way to store and access not only your favorite programs but also your PC files and programs. That means no more searching through folder after folder...All your important files are two clicks away!
Published by AMWeb Ltd. Favoritestown Home Page
The much talked about Favoritestown is now easier to use, stores more favorites and makes using your favorites even more fun!

Favoritestown provides a unique, fun and memorable way to organize all of your favorites. It allows you to store and access not only your internet favorites but also your frequently used PC files and programs. You can add your favorites using a simple drag and drop technique.

Favoritestown uses a simple real world analogy to store the links - the buildings in a town - so that you will never again forget where to find them.

Favoritestown is a program download. After installing it on your PC, each time you log on it will display a picture of Favoritestown on your desktop. You can enter the buildings in town by clicking on them. Within the buildings you can store links to and then access all of your favorite PC files and internet sites.

Favoritestown is far more than just a favorites organizer. It represents a brand new concept in PC usability. You already have Windows, now you can open them from inside the unique buildings of Favoritestown!

Simple, fun and effective way to store and access Internet favorites, PC files and programs.
No more tiresome searching through folders, desktop icons and browser favorites.
Add favorites using a drag and drop facility.
Store over 1000 favorites
All of your favorites are just two clicks away!

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