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Version 3.0   Online Registration Not Yet Available
01-Nov-2004 9,828 K Win 2000/XP Shareware
Expires after 30 Days
Cambrosia - Webcam Network and Webcam Streaming Transmitter. The Cambrosia Station Transmitter is an extremely easy way to stream live or pre-recorded video to the Internet.
Published by Cambrosia Cambrosia Streaming Webcam Transmitter Home Page
Join the rapidly expanding webcam Community. Easy setup and no programming necessary.
The Station Transmitter logs into the Cambrosia server and is immediately joined to the
Cambrosia network of Webcams. All the user has to do is click on the connect button.
Messages are displayed in the Remote Commands and Connection Status box below. The user
is informed when the connection to the Cambrosia server is complete.

The features are:

Extremely easy-to-use
Requires no programming to stream data to the internet.
Joins your Webcam to largest database of Webcams on the net.
Others can see you seconds after you connect.
Transmit live through webcam or transmit pre-recorded video.
Works on Windows operating systems Win 2000 and XP.

Connects to the Worlds largest webcam database (the Cambrosia Network), containing thousands of webcams and Cambrosia Transmitters from all over the world. Our technology makes it easy to find just what your looking for. There is no need to use search engines to find webcam sites of interest. You can easily locate live streaming webcasts and lectures, live and pre-recorded internet broadcasts as well as Non-Streaming webcam sites. You may also locate Webcam Transmitters that are logged into the Cambrosia Webcam Network. Transmitters are Windows Media type video broadcasts of Very High Quality.

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