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Mediathek Premium

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13-Dec-2003 1,900 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Never Expires
Video (DVD/LD/DiVx..), Audio (CDs, mp3...), Book, Software, Collectibles manager & personal / Home inventory. Powerfull & user-friendly; Intuitive interface, print reports, import/export (html,xml,cddb,isbn..) etc. Non limited freeware for personal use !
Published by Stephane Faucourt Mediathek Premium Home Page
THE Ultimate personal information & inventory manager. Helps you manage anything you own : Videos (DVD/LD/DivX..), Audios (CDs, mp3..), Software, Books, Collectibles and personal belongings. Very powerfull and user-friendly; nice explorer-like interface with high-color icons, folders, and colored text items.
Features: Intuitive interface, user input and productivity tools, Lending module and borrowers management, Internet capabilities, Powerfull printing features, Jpeg image support to illustrate your items, full customization, statistics, 50+ icons for medium/collectibles, many import/export filters (including text, HTML, XML, CDDB, ISBN, multimedia files) etc... Includes sample files, Import/Export filters, (un)setup program, documentation. 10000+ users through the world ! Software based on real and concrete users needs and requests ! Freeware when used in a strictly personal context.

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