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22-Feb-2005 5,707 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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MessLess Inventory is an inventory tracking utility that is 100% customizable. All elements of the program, including data entry fields, forms, templates, reports, queries, toolbars and even hotkeys can be modified to fit your needs. Try free!
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Do you have inventory tracking software that only works ALMOST the way you want it? Then
you should try MessLess Inventory: the most flexible inventory software you can download
from the Internet. We understand that "inventory" may mean anything: from antique
furniture to liquid fertilizer and gardening tools. That's why we created a software
application that can be used by anybody in any environment - household, small mom-and-pop
store or factory.

What's the secret of this software? Simple. The program comes with five built-in
editors: Form Editor, Report Style Editor, HTML/TXT Output Editor, Formula Editor and
ToolBar Editor. These editors make program adjustments a quick and easy process. There
are also 16 various types of data entry fields which you can modify as desired. MessLess
Inventory even allows you to change the hotkey combinations!

The program also features a number of advantages that similar applications lack, such as
folder protection, network support and easy data search. The program can also work
directly with scanners and cameras. Plus, the program comes with a completely
customizable formula calculation feature that can be used to count the total value of
your inventory or perform any other calculations. Importantly, this application also
supports attachment storage and image import, a critical requirement if you use the
program for insurance purposes or to run an online business.

MessLess Inventory is universal in nature and can be used at home to track household
appliances or to store scanned copies of important documents in one place. It is also a
great office tool that tracks office goods and other possessions. Naturally, the program
can be used by business users as well.

Do you want to have less mess in your home, office or business? Then download your free
trial version of MessLess Inventory now!

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