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01-Jan-2001 281 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
Multiple alarms can be set to run at various dates & time, displaying your own message/notes & playing your own sound file. It can be configured to run at designated periods. Perfect for reminding you about events, deadlines, TV show schedules, etc.
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Do you sometimes forget appointments, deadlines, birthdays, or important details about them like things you need to prepare beforehand or things you have to bring? Working on a project and you need to keep notes about it?

MyReminders is a handy freeware utility that allows you to set multiple alarms to run at designated dates and time, also displaying your own custom message. Other settings are also available, like the option to display interactive notes on system startup which you can update anytime. You can also choose to have the alarm play any audio file.

It's like a hi-tech interactive Post-Its and sophisticated alarm clock rolled into one. An extremely small application (the executable file is only 64KB), MyReminders is a genuine freeware product that will not annoy you with advertising, intrusive spyware components or nag screens.

Example Of Usage:
At its simplest, you can set Reminder#1 to ring an alarm later in the day, with the message "Call Honeybunch!". You can set the alarm sound to play your (yours and Honeybunch's) theme song.

On the other hand, you can have 3 reminders running. Reminder#1 can be set to run everytime you turn on your computer, displaying "Have you taken your vitamins yet?". Reminder#2 is configured to alarm on the morning of a much anticipated romantic date (say, two weeks from now), additionally reminding you to "Buy roses, and get a haircut!" two days before the date. Reminder#3 keeps track of an important upcoming appointment, where you can update the notes everytime you think of a thing you need to prepare beforehand, which MyReminders will then remind you of one day before the appointment date.

If you have any active reminders, MyReminders will launch automatically everytime you start Windows by putting itself in your startup folder. As soon as there are no more active reminders, MyReminders will remove itself automatically from the startup folder.

Everything is user-configurable.

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