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25-May-2006 53,350 K Win 98/2000/ME/XP Shareware
Never Expires
An interactive story/adventure game designed to help kids from separated or divorce families cope indirectly with the "aftershocks" of divorce (9-12 year olds) while enhancing communication between parent and child.
Published by Zipland Interactive Earthquake in Zipland Home Page
Moose is living happily on a small paradise island with his parents, the King and Queen of Zipland. The island is held together by a large zipper. Suddenly the earth begins to shake, Moose is thrown to the ground, and before he knows it, a severe earthquake rocks his small paradise and rips the island apart. Moose finds himself on a tiny raft floating in the ocean, full of sadness, guilt and questions: Whats going to happen to him now? How will he be able to get through life like this? And will he ever be able to join the halves of his beloved island back together again? Join Moose on a quest full of adventure and intrigue, help him deal with the multitude of questions and emotions and maybe you can help yourself on the way. The game is an enjoyable, witty and challenging game as well as being theraputic.

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