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Porn Filter

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Version V3.0.1   No Registration Required
07-Feb-2006 586 K Win 2000/NT/XP Freeware Expires after 30 Days
Porn Filter,Block Porn easily! Anti Porn,Internet Filter. Porn Filter allows you to easily filter out pornographic material on the Internet.
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Porn Filter,Block Internet Pornography easily! Special Intelligent content Filtering Engine blocks porn contents on the Internet. The content filtering engine examines in real-time all the data (such as Web sites, e-mails, net chat contents, FTP, P2P) being transmitted and received through any Internet applications automatically. Porn Filter also can block URLs which you have defined.(supports WildCard Characters '?' and '*' in URL, also you can define a word such as "porn", that means all URLs contain word "porn" will all be blocked). You can also block all URLs except some special URLs you have decided not to block. Because Porn Filter was embed into windows operation system, so None can stop filtering, except logining into NetDogAdmin to change settings by passwords.Just Download this Porn Filter and start with it,you'll find how easy it is to use. After you have installed Porn Filter, you may test the program by visiting an adult-related website. ... If you can not open those porn sites, that shows your Porn Filter is working ok now. Developed By NetDogSoft(C)2005 - 2006 Website: http://www.netdogsoft.com

After Installed Porn Filter, Please test to visit those Urls like: PlayBoy.com, to-porn.com... If you can not open those porn sites, that shows your Porn Filter is working ok now.

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