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Version 6.0   Online Registration Not Yet Available
09-Sep-2004 12,835 K Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP Shareware
Never Expires
Multimedia Video Collection Management with Automatic Movie Description Download. A lot of User-definable options including graphic interfaces, printings even download connections Unlimited Trial Period. Once bought, all future versions are free!!!
Published by Pixel-Info MyVideoSoft Home Page
Fonctionnalities of MyVideoSoft
-MyVideoSoft is interfaced with best Cinema databases on Internet, which enables you automatically to create your film sheets by downloading
-Possibility of creating oneself its own interfaces of movie sheets and of diffusing them on Internet (see Graphical Kits)
-Possibility of creating oneself its own personalized printings
-Programming Environment to elaborate with the Script Editor new Internet Connections
-MyVideoSoft enables you to integrate a Multimedia Gallery into each movie and each actor (or script-writer or director or composer)
-MyVideoSoft completely manages your video collection whatever the supports used
-Management of all the types of current and future supports: DVD Video, DVD RAM, DVD-RW, Videotapes VHS, S-VHS, Hi8 and so on
-Automatic export of your printings towards Word, PDF, HTML formats
-Automatic sending of your printings by e-mail
-Direct and automatic digitalization of pictures and movie covers from the software.
-MyVideoSoft is interfaced with Palm OS, and that permits to export your video collection. -MyVideoSoft includes a module of printing of personalized covers
-Management supplements and advanced loans and hirings with names and addresses of the customers and borrowers and dates of loan and return
-Advanced module of extraction and possibility of directing these extractions towards lists, sheets or labels
-MyVideoSoft integrates a planning agenda of events with automatic recalls
-Possibility of managing several video libraries in parallel
-Unlimited integration of posters, trailers, musics, photos, Internet pages and PC files to your sheets of movies and actors
-Advanced module of statistics in 3D
-Automatic generation of the labels to the format of your choice
-Generator of Barcodes
-Possibility of creating databases for Actors, Directors, Composers and Script-Writers with photos, biographies, videos and so on.
-Possibility of creating several movies on same Support

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