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03-Dec-2004 14,000 K Win 98/2000/ME/XP Shareware
Never Expires
xml based menu, easy to change and configure
Published by flashcubicle Extensible menu Home Page
Extensible Menu provide a menu system with main menu and submenu link. It is also embedded a special search button
later you can specify your page for your search result or it is used google free search engine by default
if you do not specify it. A fade in and fade out animation make a smooth change when user rollover to the
button link. It make a nice and professional effect to your web page.

This menu can be changed flexibly and dynamically. You can configure the font, textcolor, the background color.
and the navigation button color. It s can be specify separately for each link.
And it is done simply by changing your xml file. You can also specify your xml file name.

You can specify the url link, the target frame simply put it inside your xml file. When you site change a
single link you do not need to reopen and edit you fla source, instead you just simply change your xml
description file

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