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15-Jan-2005 1,159 K Win 2000/XP Shareware
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DemoGrabber allows you to cpature screen shots and movie clips of desktop activities. It supports various bitmap and movie formats.
Published by UpANotchSoftware DemoGrabber Home Page
DemoGrabber allows you to capture screen shots (bitmaps) and movie clips of your desktop activities.

Sound can also be recorded with certain video formats and activities can also be streamed live over a network.

The recording can focus on the entire desktop, a main application window, a foreground window, window inner contents or a specified screen area. Recordings can be temporarily paused to make changes and the focus can also be changed during a recording.

A rich text always-on-top comment window is provided which allows you to have floating comment over part of your movie clips. The actual screen mouse cursor can also optionally be captured.

Resulting clips and screenshots can be edited and combined using various applications such as Windows Movie Maker.

Clips can be saved in various formats including Windows Media Player and Quicktime (.WMV, .AVI, .MOV). Screen shots can also be saved in PNG, JPG, PCX or BMP bitmap formats

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