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GIF banner designer is a perfect tool for designing GIF banner. It provides various features that makes designing process easy and fast. Ready to use templates, special effects, symbols, text styles and many more makes GIF banner more attractive.
Published by Daniel Hopper GIF Banner Designer Home Page
Banner Designer Pro GIF Banner Designer, a complete valuable package for designing GIF banner. Its easy to use features and user friendly interface makes GIF banner designing easy and fast.
Features of GIF Banner Designer -
- GIF Banner maker allows you to design banner of custom size or choose from a set of 17 standard size options.
- Design GIF banner by using symbols, text and images.
- You can import your favorite system fonts, access font character map and even multilingual fonts.
- GIF banner maker offers pre-defined set of preloaders and buttons to minimize the display time of banner.
- Use various color tools like color palettes, color picker.
- You can fill the images used in banner with any symbol, text and shape.
- Various arrangement tools available like select-all, group, ungroup, lock, hide, send backward, bring forward and alignment.
- Use filters like grey scale, invert, sharpen, edge and water or overlays to make banner more attractive and unique.
- You can easily adjust your banner brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.
- Use special effects like transparency, rotate, flip, outline, shadow and blur to add life to your banners.
- User friendly interface.
- GIF banner designer provide a help file that explains each and every feature in the software.
- You can share your banner design by sending as an attachment in email.

Banner Designer Pro payment gateway is hosted on a Https (secure) server and is completely safe. Banner Designer Pro takes care of your credit card and billing information completely and make sure that its fully secure. The privacy policy of Banner Designer Pro also ensures that your personal details are kept safe and are not used in any way other than as laid down in the policy.

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