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10-May-2006 2,751 K Win CE Shareware
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Your hometown of Vandor is mysteriously destroyed. As the soul survivor you set out on a wild adventure to find your missing master and answers to the mysterious destruction of Vandor.
Published by Interactive E Books Ltd. The Shadows Rage (Pocket PC) Home Page
A fire is loose in the streets. A fifty-foot tower crumbles into the town's market center, and huge blocks crash from it into the roofs of other buildings, burning everything to the ground. The thick smoke makes his eyes tear. A crackle of fire explodes nearby. But oddly, there is no one in sight - no one screaming in panic - nor is there any evidence of a responsible party.
The young man begins to think as his horse trots into the crumbled market center. In the past, trolls have attacked travelers outside Vandor, but only in interest of food. The Holikan dwarves came to sell their finely made weapons and armor. Can you a mere squire discover what has destroyed your town?
Can you search out and be reunited with your master Markinson, the valiant Paladin?
In fact can you survive The Shadow's Rage?

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