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WJChess 3D

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Version 1.3.1   Online Registration Not Yet Available
07-Jan-2012 19,314 K Win XP Shareware
Expires after 20 Uses
Play in fog, mountains or sea, select the source light, zoom in and out, 10 different 3D chess models, 8 boards, replay, full screen or windowed, can suggest a move...
Published by JeffProd WJChess 3D Home Page
- Included languages : english/french
- human vs human, or computer
- Play in fog, at mountains or sea, select the source light
- Zoom in and out, rotated board
- 9 defined board views
- board reflection
- 8 different graphical chess board
- 10 different chess 3D models
- 20 different material (wood, stone, marble...)
- Save / Load / Set up positions
- Replay the last computer's move
- Replay mode for the moves played so far, whenever you want
- Play in full screen or windowed mode
- Display engine's search or not
- You can stop the search
- Coordinate of the square is shown under the mouse cursor
- Play whith white or black side
- You can take back moves
- WJChess can suggest a move
- Historic moves can be displayed or not
- Import/Export a FEN position
- Auto saved options
- Engine's rating : 2159 ELO
- Opening book with more than 2000 lines
- The chess engine includes all chess rules : 50 moves rule, "en passant" capture, 3 fold repetitions, promote, under-promote...
- Level : blitz, tournament, fixed depth or time
- Help file with chess rules

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