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02-Feb-2004 3,732 K Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP Shareware
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H/W access tool for ACPI, SMBIOS, PCI, CPU, I/O Memory, MP, PC Firmaware and x86 Disassembler. Has interface for creation of custom H/W libraries.
Published by Asymmetric Software HWAccess Home Page
HWAccess is a tool that provides system services to external libraries in order to access the PC system hardware. It includes a collection of external libraries that perform low level H/W access identifying and manipulating system components via I/O, memory, linear address space and processor registers. There are access methods those scan the PC hardware directly, bypassing the O/S and therefore they can provide real-time H/W information. Current libraries include ACPI with AML Source decoder, PCI configuration space browser and PCI tests, SMBIOS browser and structure type validation, Multiprocessor table decoder, BIOS legacy tables decoder, APIC/PIC information, CMOS bank decoder, CPU MSR registers editor, Physical memory Disassembler and file Disassembler, Windows process viewer, I/O editor with script processing, Physical Memory editor and script processor. Watches to probe Ports, Physical memory, MSR registers, ACPI I/O objects, CMOS registers, PCI registers. Timing Checks for Ports and Memory. Processor tests for MMX, FPU, General instructions and memory access. PCI tests for SERR#, PERR#, floating bus failures and error logging.

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