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Version 1.1   Online Registration Not Yet Available
12-Dec-2003 5,000 K Win 2000/XP Shareware Never Expires
Software Installation Editor and Creator Tool with a Software Repackager. Ideal for software developers wanting to create an installation program for their product or for Software Packagers.
Published by MSIPackager MaSaI Editor Home Page
MaSaI Editor is MSI table editor with an advanced graphical interface allowing for the easy creation or modification of MSI software installation programs.
It also contains many tools to Extract Cab files, tidy up tables, validate the installation, write custom actions and much more.
For System Administrators or Software Packagers there is a Repackaging Utility that can take a snap shot of any machine which you can then make changes too and import those changes to a MSI package. Easy and Intelligent.
MaSaI Editor is a must for all Packagers and Setup Creators.

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