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Speedy Report

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08-Apr-2013 590 K Win XP Demo
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Creates queries/reports from SQL databases within minutes, the software is programmable - column-formattings, conditional functions, automatic calculations of relational links between tables. Reports are published in the Speedy Report Client
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Are you tired and put a lot of time to create reports from SQL databases. Speedy Report has the solution. With Speedy Report allows you to create reports in minutes and publish them to the users via the Speedy Report Client. Speedy Report is a programmable tool that makes it very easy formating columns and set conditions.

Built-in functions:
* Support to run the same query against multiple databases
* Conditions form with various controls with the opportunity to choose output report format
* Create your own conditional parameters
* Supported report formats - xls, html, xml, Access, txt
* Batch support
* Browse tables and show the connections between relational tables
* Open reports with associated application or save to fixed paths
* Server support Microsoft SQL 2000 to 2012

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