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16-May-2003 1,672 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Efficient and easy-to-use patch building tool for software and file updating. Easy and visual navigation through old and new version files images and powerful patch engine provide easy and effective generating of small size update packages.
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Efficient and easy-to-use patch generator tool that can help you to create patch packages for software and file updating.
Whatever you want to update or upgrade - PatchFactory offers you the most reliable, easy-to-use, efficient and reasonably priced software update solution.
These packages are small size self-extracting executable update programs in a famous installer style with user-friendly interface and can be distributed over the Internet.
The result patch file represents information concerning all changes made to old version files relatively to new version files and incorporates user friendly update installation interface.

Key features of PatchFactory:
- Integrated compression technology;
- Easy and visual navigation through images of old and new versions of your files;
- Two types of patch building: single-file and multiple-files patches with different algorithm and features;
- Update of folders/files structure: addition of new or deletion of old folders or files, ignore missing files;
- Simulation of update process - patch verification before its applying and old files are updated/deleted;
- Capability of automatic backup of modified and deleted file(s);
- Effective patch building for executable EXE-files;
- Small size of base update modules (without patch data): 7.5KB for single and 30KB for multiple files patch;
- Open structure of output patch-files;
- Utilizing of the registry or INI files for smart file location;
- Flexible handling file attributes and permissions;
- Apply Interface message management to customize messages presented to your end-user;
- Multiple files patch is a ZIP-compressed file with predefined structure;
- User friendly interface of PatchFactory provides fast and easy defining of old&new version images.

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