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LLIB Licencing Library

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Version 3.04   Online Registration Not Yet Available
02-Jan-2012 2,769 K Win 98/2000/XP Shareware
Never Expires
LLIB is a library for protecting and controlling the use of your software. Increase registrations by limiting your software to encourage people to register!No longer do you need to worry about software being used for longer than it should!
Published by GPP Software LLIB Licencing Library Home Page
LLIB is a Software Licensing Library, supplied as a DLL and COM object files for 32-bit development.
Comprehensive help file including detailed API documentation.
Examples in C/C++, .NET, VB and ASP.
Supports unregistered licenses, time limited licenses, run limited licenses and full registrations, product numbers, registration numbers, number of concurrent users, locking to a machine and remote registration and unlocking. To date, software products protected by LLIB have not been cracked by crackers!

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