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Syncro SVN Client

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Version 9.1   Online Registration Not Yet Available
16-Dec-2013 62,566 K Linux; Mac; Win 98/XP Shareware
Expires after 30 Days
Syncro SVN Client is a cross platform application supporting all range of Subversion operations, in a very productive user interface.
Published by SyncRO Soft Ltd. Syncro SVN Client Home Page
Syncro SVN Client makes easier the document and code sharing between content authors or developers. It offers full SVN repository support: checkout, export, import, copy, mkdir, rename, branch, tag and delete. You can browse repositories, check for changes, commit changes, update your working copy, examine the revision history in tabular form or as a revision graph, view the svn annotations, integrate it with bug tracking tools. Also you can examine the changes after a synchronize operation for text files or image files in a Compare View or see the differences between two revisions of a folder. SVN conflicts appeared after an update operation can be easily solved using the visual conflicts editing feature. There is no need to install separate applications like a Subversion command line client or a file compare tool.

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