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29-Mar-2013 944 K Win 98/2000/XP Demo
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EZShellExtensions.Net is a set of components for fast, painless development of any kind of Windows shell extensions including context menu, property sheet, infotip, thumbnail, icon, overlay icon and drag-drop extensions as well as taskbar bands .
Published by Sky Software EZShellExtensions.Net Home Page
EZShellExtensions.Net enables rapid development of Windows shell extensions to .Net. Develop context menu extensions, property sheet extensions, infotip extensions, thumbnail extensions, "Send To" extensions, icon extensions, overlay icon extensions, drag-drop extensions, disk cleanup extensions, background menu extensions, drop extensions, etc as well as Active Directory extensions and IE toolbands and horizontal/vertical explorer bars. EZShellExtensions.Net has Visual Studio project integration including the latest Visual Studio 2012 and item wizards to jumpstart extension development along with full support for Vista and Windows 8 and Windows 7. EZShellExtensions.Net also comes with various sample applications(both in C# and VB.Net) which the developer can use as a good starting point for creating his own Shell extensions.

EZShellExtensions.Net supports development of the following shell extensions :

·Internet Explorer toolbands
·Internet Explorer vertical and horizontal bands.
·Internet Explorer browser helper objects.
·Taskbar bands
·Contextmenu extensions including owner drawn menu items
·Icon extensions
·Property sheet extensions
·Property sheet extensions for Drives, 'My Computer' dialog, 'Display Properties' dialog, 'Device Properties' dialog, 'Mouse Properties' dialog, 'Keyboard Properties' dialog, 'Internet Options' dialog and others.
·Active Directory (AD) context menu and property page/sheet extensions for AD objects
·Column extensions
·Infotip extensions
·Thumbnail extensions
·Overlay icon extensions
·Dragdrop context menu extensions
·Directory background context menu extensions
·Drop extensions
·SendTo extensions
·Control Panel extensions
·Disk Cleanup extensions
·Copy hook extensions
·Shell execute hook extensions.

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