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25-Aug-2004 949 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware Expiration Unknown
My Auto Updater is tool for developer, for easy software updating. It has two parts, Updater, which should be shiped with you program, and INI and XML file editor, for creating update scripts.
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Add professional update solution for your applications in a minute.

My Auto Updater is tool for developer, for easy software updating. It has 2 parts, Updater and Editor. Updater is an executable file (MAU.EXE) which needs to be included in setup file of your application. You can call it whenever you want from your application. If you want, Updater can be started every time when your program started, once a week, once a month, or anytime as you wish (you just need to set that period in your application). Second part of MAU is the INI and XML file Editor. Updater uses INI file located on local computer, and XML file stored on your Web server. Editor is application designed for software developers. This program let you edit the encrypted INI file and the XML file needed for update process.

Each time My Auto Updater is executed, it reads the INI file, checks version number of the executable, compares it with the latest available version in XML file and, depending on the result, tells the user that either no newer version is available or that a new version is available for download.

In last case user will get a list of all available and suitable downloads.

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