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Version 1.0   No Registration Required
29-Mar-2004 13,000 K Win 2000/NT/XP Freeware Never Expires
RegEx-Trainer is a .NET1.1-Tool to test and learn RegExpand - Queries interactive. Insert the string, which should be testet, define the RegEx-Query and execute it, the output or errors are shown.
Published by Juergen Auer RegEx - Trainer: Test RegEx-Queries interactive Home Page
RegEx - Queries can be used by a lot of programming languages. But sometimes it is useful to test a RegExpand - Question directly. This was the idea to write this program.

The program is simple: A textbox to write the source, which should be searched, a textbox to insert the regex. If there is a match-result, every result is shown as a row in a table. If the regex-query is wrong, then you see the error.

It is a .NET1.1 - Tool, so the Microsoft.NET-Framework must be installed. The program doesn't need an installation or deinstallation - copy or delete it, it does not set registry values.

New in V1.0 (03/29/2004)

* load a file or get a html-page from an url
* use the RegEx-Options IgnoreCase, MultiLine, RightToLeft, CultureInvariant und ExplicitCapture
* all results are shown as underlined, clicking in a cell marks the position
* the program now accepts Unicode and allows the user to change the font, so asiatic and RegEx-Queries in other languages can be tested
* all settings are stored in an xml-file, so a user can interrupt his tests

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