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VMware Fusion 2

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Version 2   Online Registration Not Yet Available
01-Nov-2008 50,781 K Mac 68k; Mac; Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Never Expires
Run Windows side-by-side with Mac OS X.
Published by bambbab44 VMware Fusion 2 Home Page
Run Windows side-by-side with Mac OS X without rebooting.
Run Windows applications across multiple screens; instantly launch Windows applications from any Mac file, the Dock and more.
Use Exposť to switch between Windows and Mac applications; minimize Windows applications to the Dock.
Run 3D games, design software and other graphics-intensive apps with support for DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 2 3D hardware-accelerated graphics.
Use Windows-only USB devices on your Mac, including GPS receivers, cell phones, PDAs, and iSight cameras.

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