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Phota Flowers Screensaver

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Version 4.0   No Registration Required
17-Mar-2014 6,820 K Win XP Freeware Never Expires
30 of my favorite flower pictures, selected from my photo albums over the past few years, can be viewed with all of the features provided by the Phota Screensaver. Music can accompany the display. The flowers can be exhibited in 3D Galleries.
Published by Jeff L. Holcomb Phota Flowers Screensaver Home Page
The Phota Screensaver displays either Album Pages or Individual Photos, in random or sequential sequence, with a specified interval between image changes. The background that surrounds photos can be set to either a solid color or a pattern. An Animate Colors feature performs a sequence of color shifts on each image. 30 pretty flower pictures are included. The screensaver display can be accompanied by music. The flowers can optionally be exhibited in 3D Galleries, automatically strolling through each Gallery, pausing to admire each picture.

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