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02-May-2004 205 K DOS; Win 3.X/95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
This program is designed to make it easy to enter your home accounting activities and record them in a structural manner. You can enter your activities into one of different accounts including pity cash, bank and credit card account.
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This program is designed to make it simple to keep track of your spendings on a daily basis. The cashbook account is intended to record the 'money at hand' purchases and earnings. Banking
transactions can be recorded in one of the three bank accounts provided. In addition there is one Credit Card account and a Due Date account to record scheduled payments. Recorded activities can be modified and balances are calculated automatically. Several report periods are available including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly which enables you to track your spendings. Simple technique can be used to provide multi-user capabilities. The Open/Save
menu option allows different users to record their personal income and expenses into different file names. The preference menu provides a primitive way to reconfigure the program to use higher resolutions than the basic 640x480 screen resolution. It also provides a way to change the language settings. Currently the program can run in the following languages: English, Czech, Slovak and Spanish.

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