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02-Feb-2006 125 K Win CE Shareware
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Mrtgcalc is a loan calculator allowing users to manage and analyse all types of loans including mortgage, home, auto car lease and student loans. With full amortization breakdowns for each loan, capital repayment scenarios and save/restore facilities
Published by FIS Ltd Mrtgcalc - Mortgage, Lease and Loan Calculators Home Page
Mrtgcalc is an easy-to-use loan calculator allowing users to analyse and manage all types of loans including but not restricted to mortgage loans, home loans, auto car lease loans and student loans. Mrtgcalc supports lease loans and includes the much-awaited Loan Amount calculator, Interest Rate calculator, and Loan Term calculator alongside the popular Monthly Payment calculator.

Users can enter, edit and store unlimited numbers of loan calculations. For each loan, Mrtgcalc will show the Monthly Payment, the Cost of Loan and a full Amortization breakdown detailing the Capital Paid, Interest Paid, Outstanding Loan Balance, Total Capital to date and Total Interest Paid to date for each month, whilst allowing capital repayment scenarios to be entered and providing save/restore facilities.

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This version supports Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 , Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 2005 devices. For further information and free trial versions for other CE devices, such as Handheld PC & HPC 2000, please visit:-

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