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MxCalc Financial Pack for Smartphone

Version 1.0   No Registration Required
19-Oct-2007 10,302 K Demo
Expires after 15 Uses
MxCalc Financial Pack - Finance, Interest, Loan, Mortgage Calculator Software for Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone)
Published by tech3gr MxCalc Financial Pack for Smartphone Home Page
MxCalc SE

Matrices Functionsv3. 1
Base Conversionv3. 1
Date & Time Calculationsv3. 1
Supports USA and EUROPEAN style date format v3. 1
Supports Portrait, Landscape, Square ( Treo 700w ) & VGA screen resolutions
Most comprehensive Unit Converter with 150+ Categories, 2900 + Units & 50000+ conversions. The best available for Smartphone.
Equation Solver
Multiple Skins
Operated mostly with finger-tips rather than a stylus.
New Display.
Fully featured 15 uses trial which can be used in months.
Date calculations
Statistical calculations
Mathematical calculations

MxCalc 12c

RPN, Algebraic, Programming, Finance, Statistic Mode
More-than 130 built-in functions
Full Screen & Quick Stack Display.
Window showing all of the financial register.
Programmable. KeyStroke programming- 400 Steps.
Normal Distribution
Cash flow analysis
Bonds calculations
Date calculations
Statistical calculations
Mathematical calculations

MxCalc 10BII

Algebraic Entry System Logic
Quickly identify cash flows and amortization values.
Statistical analysis
Standard deviation, mean & weighted mean
Linear regression and linear estimation
Forecasting, correlation & co-efficient
Total, Sx, Sx², Sy, Sy², Sxy
+, -, *, ÷, 1/x, In x, ex, yx, n!, x²
Margin as a percent of price.
Mark-up as a percent of cost price
Variable compounding
Cash flow analysis
Time Value of Money (TVM)
Net Present Value (NPV)
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Automatic constant
3 Key memory
19 Storage registers

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