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01-May-2003 8,173 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Never Expires
Phat Analog Synth Emulation
Published by WilliamK daAlfa2k VSTi Home Page
From Phat Techno to Soft Vintage sounds.

3 Oscilators with its own waveforms
Each with Pitch, Tune, and PW for phat-sounds.
Plus, a noise Generator.

12 Meg of extra external waveforms (WAV files).

Reads Custom WAV files.
16 bits, 44.1khz, mono.

24db (4 Pole) Resonant Filter with "Automatic Gain Reduction"
Extra HighPass 1-pole filter on the output.

2 ADSR Evelopes with Velocity controll.
(Dynamics) - ENV2 can be atached to
Filter Cut and Rezonance.

Digital Delay with Modulation (max of 1 second)

Double Chorus to make the sound deeper.

Digital Display, that shows the value of each parameter at one time. (Like the MemoryMoog had).

2 LFOs, one just for PW controll. The other for Pitch/Filter with Delay. Both can be Synced to master Midi-Clock.

Up to 16 voices.

Any SampleRate supported. EG: 44.1, 48, 96...

True Mono-Legato mode with Glider

Complete manual in HTML format. (any browser can read)
Included on both Full and Demo versions.

Support for SSE, MMX and P4 instructions.

Global FX On/Off

AutoGlide On/Off - When On Glide only happens when you hold a note and play others.

"Defaults" option. Saves a few parameters on the Windows-Reg. So every time you plug a new synth, comes with the default values. Saves: VolumeType, GliderAuto, GlobalFX, NVoices, PitchBend, SoundQuality.

128 Presets + Random preset generator with 3 types
of generation: Bass, Pad, Phat, FX.

Sound Quality selector, for saving CPU usage.

MIDI-CC Learning option.

Low CPU usage with advanced voice alocation.

No Pentium 4 denormal problems.

Multiple Instances Support.

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